High-end luxury travel is not unchartered territory for us. Our continued exploration of new landscapes and adventures, is applied to our connection with you, to ensure logistics and experiences are operationally sound and to the highest standard.


We have a deep-rooted commitment to land and wildlife conservation across continents. Our representation contracts are based on first-hand experience and knowledge of sustainable practices to protect the land, the wildlife on that land, and the communities that live off that land.


We are a young, vibrant and passionate business, drawing our inspiration from the destinations and experiences we so proudly represent.  From East to West, we share the scenic beauty, unique wildlife and the varied cultures with you. We are in awe of the hidden treasures and exciting voyages we have yet to discover.


We pride ourselves in the excellent reputation we have earned in the Travel and Tourism industry, along with the esteemed respect and ongoing support of our peers around the globe. Our experience in all sectors of the market, from retail to wholesale, assures our clients that they are always in capable hands. We are committed to providing unparalleled representation of your brand, and up-to-date product and destination knowledge to consumers and the trade.

We are passionate about our destinations and experiences, and our mission is to share that passion with our clients!

  • Proactive sales, marketing and product representation in both Australia and New Zealand.
  • The establishment and maintenance of both current and developing relationships and products and destinations.
  • Regular quality sales calls in all major city centres.
  • Active consultation between wholesalers, clients and retailers regarding product updates, contract negotiations and current rates and offers.
  • Relevant and consistent product training in both the wholesale and the retail consumer markets, raising brand awareness.
  • Participation at travel trade events as required.
  • Creation, management and participation in industry educational experiences, to ensure maximum product exposure to the trade.
  • Concise monthly sales reporting; and effective back office administration and enquiry management
  • Event planning and organization.
  • Development of trade and consumer campaigns.
  • Sales and marketing promotions and competitor surveys.
  • Social media and database marketing.


  • To assist you in navigating reliable and successful relationships, placing